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Friday, March 30, 2012

KBB#28 Torta Pasqualina

Ini dia tugas KBB yang namanya terdengar seperti judul Telenovela, he he.... KBB#28 ini adalah tantangan membuat pie yang berjudul Torta Pasqualina.

Berikut surat tantangan dari KBB#28 :

Tantangan KBB #28 (Maret – April 2012) - Torta Pasqualina (Easter Savoury Cake)

Torta Pasqualina literally means 'Easter cake' in Italian. It's a
typical Easter dish from Piemonte and Liguria.
The dough is a layered dough, a bit like 'fillo dough', but thicker.
It's called 'pasta matta' (i.e. crazy dough) As this dish comes from
Liguria it contains a local cheese called Prescinseua which can only
be found in Liguria. It is very creamy, soft and slightly acidulated.
It’s unlikely you will find Prescinseau so a very soft ricotta can or
a regular ricotta with the addition of a little milk will do.

Torta Pasqualina adalah istilah dalam bahasa Italia yang secara
harfiah berarti Kue Paskah. Merupakan hidangan khas Paskah dari
Piemonte dan Liguria.
Adonannya merupakan adonan berlapis, sedikit seperti 'adonan fillo',
tapi lebih tebal dan disebut 'pasta matta' (=crazy dough). Kue yang
berasal dari Liguria ini mengandung keju lokal “Prescinseua” yang
hanya dapat ditemukan di Liguria. Kejunya sangat creamy, lembut dan
sedikit asam.
Jika tidak memungkinkan menemukan Prescinseau di tempat anda, bisa
disubtitusi dengan ricotta yang sangat lembut atau ricotta biasa
dengan tambahan sedikit susu.

Torta Pasqualina
Source: Old Time Cooking Recipes

600 g (1 lb 5 oz) white flour
6 Tbs olive oil
a pinch of salt

1 kg (2 lb) Swiss chard (silver beet) or spinach
400 g (0.9 lb) cottage cheese/ricotta cheese
100 g (3.5 oz) parmesan
10 eggs
2 teaspoons marjoram, chopped
2 teaspoons parsley, chopped
garlic, minced (optional)
olive oil
salt, pepper

-Combine flour, oil, a pinch of salt and enough cold water to make a
medium soft dough.
-Knead well for 10 minutes or until the dough becomes elastic.
-Divide the dough into 14 balls.
-Cover with cloth and let stand for about 1 hour.

-Clean, wash and dry the Swiss chard.
-Place in a saucepan with little boiling water and cook at high heat
until wilted.
-Cool, then squeeze out excess liquid and chop finely.
-Add 50 g (1.7 oz) parmesan cheese, marjoram, parsley, garlic and 2
eggs. Season with salt and pepper.

3. Oil a round shallow oven dish, 9 inches (22 cm) in diameter.

4. Flatten each piece of dough, one at a time, making each a very thin
disk, larger than the baking pan you are going to use.

5. Lay the pastry on the oven dish, allowing it to flow over the
edges. Oil it lightly.

6. Place another disk over it and repeat until you have used 7 disks.

7. Spread the Swiss chard stuffing over the dough, and then spread the
cottage cheese over the greens level with a knife.

8. Make 8 small cavities. Pour a raw egg into each cavity and sprinkle
each with salt, pepper and remaining parmesan cheese.

9. Cover the whole lot with the same number of pastry sheets, each
brushed with oil.

10. Pinch the borders and trim the excess dough, prick the top of the
pie in a few places and then brush with oil.

11. Bake for 1 hour in 190 C (375 F) oven. Allow to rest before
removing from the cake tin

Testimoni :

Step by Step Torta Pasqualina
Membuat Torta Pasqualina ini, tidak lah seseram yang dibayangkan seperti judulnya. Kebanyakan resep-resep tantangan KBB sepertinya seram-seram, tapi setelah dijalani sih lancar-lancar saja. Cuman mungkin ada satu kesalahan karena ketidaksabaran saya dalam membuat Pie Easter ini. Adonan Pie nya sepertinya tidak renyah nih...xi xi...tapi enak banget nih pie nya, he he....bagaimana nih dengan teman KBB'ers nih....? he he...

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