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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pudding Strawberry

It's pudding strawberry, please enjoy ... ... This is the fruit of a fresh strawberry .... yummy yummy ... I certainly can be guaranteed ...

2 packets of gelatin (agar-agar Swallow Red Globe )
1,000 ml of fresh milk
200 gr strawberry, a blender until soft
1 / 8 tsp salt
150 gr sugar, like sweet, if not more
1-2 tbsp thickened cream

Cream sauce:
Thickened Light Cream Bulla
a few drops of lemon juice

Prepare a clean pan, cast milk, gelatin, sugar, salt, mixed flat, give the strawberry, mix together and then switch on only a small fire, put on the thick cream 2 tbsp mixed return to explode. Prepare trays the sizes, give it water, pour the dough, into the refrigerator
Serve with thick cream sauce.


Mira Assjarif said...

mamah mau tobeli.. itu mau tobeli yang itu tuuuh..

*tah saur Neneng Rifa bari tutunjuk ka monitor. hiks.. tanggung jaenaaabb..

Ike Hermawan said...

kadieu neneng...he he he....yu urang balanja...hiap kadieu geulissss...:)